Karen Sandhu asks me questions

I asked Karen Sandhu if she had any questions about the 21 claims put forward in my work-in-progress O - towards a self-portrait. Here are her questions and my answers.

1) What are your intentions? 

My first intention is to embody the act of looking forward. Thereupon I am renewing my intentions in sympathy with yours.

2) 'Sympathy', what is your definition of it?

My psychological definition of sympathy is a relationship between persons in which the condition of one induces a parallel or reciprocal condition in another. My physiological definition of sympathy is the relation between parts or organs whereby a condition or disorder in one part induces some effect in the other.

3) Whose self-portrait have you read or seen and admired the most?

In most artists I see their whole body of work as their self-portrait.

4) Describe your political alignment in no more than three words. 

Where we are.

5) Which social spaces would you say have limitations? 


6) If 'O' is the visible spirit, what is 'U' and 'J'? 

The visible spirit and the visible spirit.

7) If you could write a fiction for yourself, what would it include?

I would not write a fiction for myself but it will or it might happen here, a kind of fiction. It would include another person, at least one.

8) Where are you hoping to go? 

I hope to go to see you somewhere plausible.

9) In which places do you seek company? 

The places are irrelevant yet necessary. Do I seek company? I hope to see you somewhere plausible.

10) Where do you see freedom? 

As I presently dream I see freedom in my past and in my future.

11) List two things you are looking forward to. 

I am presently engaged in the work of embodying the act of looking forward.

12) Describe your last dream which you can still remember.


13) Water, land, or air? 

I don’t want to feel that I’m really there.

14) Why? 

I don’t want to feel that I’m really there.

15) What is the first thought you remember having this morning? 

"It’s Thom."

16) Look to your left and describe what you see.

A tie hanging on a knob.

17) Where is home for you?

Here and anywhere that is open, a place of freedom.

18) Whose hand was the last hand you held? 

I don’t know.

19) List two traits you find disagreeable in others.

We all have all the same traits.

20) Complete the following: Life would be meaningless without...


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