Ryan Ormonde is a poet and a founding member of performance poetry collective press free press.


From The Knives Forks and Spoons Press: The of of The film of The book and The of of The book of The film ('We do not need to put this into words because now we have film...').

From The Knives Forks and Spoons Press: y chromosomes (Response to past and present 'masculine' tropes).


She’s Lost Control ('10) Commissioned to devise 'poetic chamber' for performance art piece by Rita Marcalo working with Instant Dissidence at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford and then on tour.

positions / possessions ('14) Invited to move into online studio by pietmondriaan.com for Jan-Feb 2014. Using this space to write positions / possessions.

"Hey Jennifer" / St. Giles (January '15) Co-devised with choreographer/artist Christopher Matthews. A response to Denmark Street re-development, performed at Bosse & Baum gallery.


Freaklung (June '10) Ode to Barry MacSweeney.

20x20 #4 'Rescue Club' (July '10) Writing, 'U-N-I-T-E-D'.

Blart #1 (November '10) 'Death Warrant'.

Veer About (February '11) 'OVER LEAF' (4 pages).

Dept. #3 (Februrary '11) 'OVER LEAF' (4 pages) and 'Mergram'.

Compound #1 (March '11) 'LITHIUM - NIRVANA'. Response to Nirvana song.

Vlak #3 (May '12) 'St. Paul's'. Response to Occupy London.

The Other Room (June '12) Leeds. Performance and interview.

Delirious Hem (December '12) Pussy Riot Advent Calendar, Day 5, 'shock pussy shock putin'

The Other Room Anthology #5 (April '13) 'An example of Join'. Four pages of text.

Resonance FM (July '14) Interview with Anna McKerrow and reading of 'The of of The film of The book and The of of The book of The film'.

An Anthology for Robert (June '17) 'Out of Cite'. Two pages of text responding to Robert Hampson's 'Out of Sight'.

Embodied Poetry (April '19) Attended a three-day residency for poets with Em Strang on the Isle of Lismore.

Pamenar Press Online Magazine (September '19) A poem, 'Delicate Chaos'.

Mother's Ruin (October '19) Printworks, Hastings, East Sussex  as part of The Hastings Storytelling Festival.

Ryan Ormonde can be contacted via Email and is @ryanopoet on Instagram.